October Update!

October seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye! We were very busy the month of October, which was a great change of pace for us. A team from the States came to do a medical outreach during the last week of September and very beginning of October. Hundreds of people were seen by medical professionals (some for the first time), given the opportunity to have their vision tested, VBS was in full swing, and every patient seen was prayed over and loved during their care. Several people were miraculously healed: gangrene subsided, cataracts disappeared, and sickness fled. It was truly an incredible time of seeing the Lord move throughout the nation of Cambodia.




It was a blessing for us to travel to the different Programs with whom Freedom’s Promise partners throughout the nation of Cambodia; it was also a great time for Thomas and I to orientate ourselves with the ministry partners we will be working closely with in the upcoming months.

After we returned to Phnom Penh for a week of rest, we traveled to Poipet to spend time with a ministry called Bridge of Hope. Thomas did what he does best: building relationships, teaching guitar lessons, playing in the worship band, teaching Bible studies, and being a big kid. I taught a short teacher training and observed in classrooms/co-taught with the ESL teachers throughout our time in Poipet. We will be overseeing this ministry in the months of April/May while our ministry partners return to the Philippines to visit family and rest/rejuvenate, so it was a great time to “get our feet wet” and spend time with the people we will be living alongside for those two months.


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After leaving Poipet, we traveled to Siem Reap to visit friends for a few days. We were in Siem Reap during Halloween, which was CRAZY! There were literally thousands of people everywhere, mostly Cambodians, which is so interesting because Halloween isn’t a holiday they celebrate. Most Khmer people were there simply to watch the Westerners, but there were more Khmer people than foreigners!




We returned to Phnom Penh on Monday, November 2nd and today we started language school. We are able to take some time the next two months to really focus on increasing our Khmer; it is a challenging language, but we are excited to learn how to better communicate. Like I said, we’ve been busy!


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