Giving Tuesday.

If you have checked out our Prayer Requests and Support Page, then you have seen that Thomas and I are in the process of raising support for the year 2016 (yay!). Ideally, most missionaries try to be fully support-raised for at least 2 years before they leave for the mission field. Not really how we roll…we fully believe in planning and being wise, but there also comes a point when you have to go when you know it is time and trust that the Lord will show up.

That’s where we’re at right now 🙂

On Tuesday, December 1st, your social media will most likely be overtaken by something called #GivingTuesday. On the first Tuesday of every December, there is a world-wide campaign called #GivingTuesday, which encourages people to give to organizations and projects throughout the world.

Thomas and I would love for you to consider donating to our ministry in Cambodia on #GivingTuesday or to donate just as a year-end donation for 2015. We have suggestions for 1 of 2 ways you can do this:

  1. Be 1 of 10 people to donate $50 on #GivingTuesday (we would be ECSTATIC to raise $500 in 1 day!)
  2. Choose a number between 1-200 and donate that amount. We have a board that we’ll be posting in December and then lugging around during some support raising opportunities while we’re Stateside for a few weeks in the Spring. {If you choose this option then please let us know so we can take the amount that you choose off the board. The number is 200, because if we get 200 people to donate each of those amounts then it will be a significant amount of our yearly budget! Easy peasy.}
  3. Just donate whatever you want. Honestly, every little bit is such a blessing to us, because it really does all add up. We are thankful for anything you are willing and able to donate so that we can continue our time in Cambodia!

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