December Update.

Did December already really come and go? And is it REALLY 2016?!

It seems as though it were merely days ago that we were stepping off the plane in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, excited and anxious for what lie ahead during this crazy and faith-filled leap across the ocean.

The main thing I (Stacey) have learned during this move is that the Lord is faithful. Even when plans go awry, community falls apart, and you feel completely alone, He is still there and He is still good.Sometimes it is in a whisper and sometimes it is in a shout, but whether or not we hear Him depends on if we have tuned our ear to listen. He is not surprised by circumstances and He isn’t phased. He just isn’t. How awesome is that?

In December, Thomas ran a half-marathon around Angkor Wat for his 28th birthday. He did awesome and placed 21st out of over 3,000 people! We also graduated from Level 1 of our Khmer school. We are SO EXCITED to be able to speak Khmer, even if it is minimal and we get weird looks. It is amazing to me how many Cambodians are surprised that we are learning their language; it is very typical for Westerners to move to Cambodia and not speak any Khmer at all. I am self-conscious when trying to communicate with Cambodians because my pronunciation is less than stellar, but I refuse to be just another “foreigner”; it makes me really sad that they expect me to be lazy and make them speak English or not communicate with them. Come on people, we’re better than that! Anyways, rant over on that one.

December was great in that we passed Level 1 and my mom came to visit us. After the crazy weather in Texas, she finally made it out of the US after delays and an airline that wasn’t exactly customer oriented. We were able to show her a few of the ministries we work with, travel around Cambodia, and overall had a great time bouncing around in tuk tuks.

Since we are already well into the 2nd week of January, be expecting a January update in a few weeks!


We are visiting the US  (North Carolina and Texas) and will be  posting some dates of when and where we will be sharing about Cambodia. Our schedule is going to be a whirlwind, so we would  LOVE to see you if you’re in the area on any of the dates we post! 

2 thoughts on “December Update.

  1. Praying for you. . . . One thing that I learned when I first started trying to learn Spanish, was how much it meant to people that I tried. Go ahead and slaughter the pronunciation. . . . laugh at yourself. . . and get better faster. . . Embrace it when your pronunciation is corrected, even by a stranger. . . . the Holy Spirit will help you get it. . . . Bless you two. I miss seeing your face, but love getting your updates.

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