January Update.

January was packed full of travel, we visited Programs and prepared for our visit to the States.

The first week of January, we traveled with my mom to see the country and to Freedom’s Promise’s various Programs throughout Cambodia. Our days were spent exploring Angkor Wat, visiting with the Manager of the sewing training program and casting vision for the future, visiting with the women at Mekong Blue (another sewing center that manufactures high quality silk products) and listening to their stories, attending a conference called Kingdom Invasion in Singapore, and spending our last week in Cambodia at a school near Phnom Penh, where Thomas started on a mural and I spent time with the teachers and students.

It was a BUSY month, but we are so glad we were able to see all of our ministry partners before we left to visit home. The conference in Singapore was truly incredible; we worshipped alongside thousands of Asians from over 20 different countries, while having the opportunity to hear Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Mahesh Chavda, Lou Engle, and Randy Clark speak.

Honestly, they could have said nothing and I would have left completely refueled, because the presence of God was so evident. Worship was incredible, as was hearing their ministry testimonies and encouragement. We have felt the Lord asking us to be more intentional with prayers, and we were definitely given the opportunity to wholeheartedly cry out in prayer for the nations in Asia. We are believing for break-through in the Heavenly realms.

We arrived in Texas Monday and flew to North Carolina yesterday. During this visit, we are spending time with family, friends, and sharing about Cambodia. We would love to see you while we’re here, so check below for our speaking schedule of events that are open to anyone!


February 24th Cedar Shores Baptist Church, Whitney

March 6th First Baptist Church, Clifton

March 9th Fundraiser Dinner: Come and Go, Clifton Civic Center 5:30-7:30

March 13th Acts Church, Waco 






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