About Stacey & Thomas

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I’m a small-town Texas girl whose dreams tend to lead me elsewhere; to say my story is one of redemption and restoration would be putting it lightly. The Lord has led me through deep valleys of sorrow and self-discovery, always beckoning me home during times that I got lost along the way. Somewhere along the journey, I fell deeply in love with Jesus; my heart is to know Him more and share His love with the nations.

Through my own life experiences, I’ve come to truly believe that joy comes in the morning. I hope this blog will serve as an encouragement to you that changing the world really is possible, and that you will learn to believe that the possibility starts with the things the God has placed within you.



I am a dreamer trying to live in the adventure of a lifetime.  I am a husband to an amazing woman and my best friend.  The path hasn’t always looked the way I thought it would, but the story has been exciting.

Follow us here for stories from marriage, life, Cambodia and walking out our dreams!

2 thoughts on “About Stacey & Thomas

  1. Hey! I came across your page a few weeks ago! I went on the WR in Jan 2009 and fell in love with SE Asia, and moved to Cambodia in 2010. I lived there for 3 years and I’m currently back in PP for a month continuing work with the NGO I’ve been working with for several years. I don’t know when your timeframe of moving is. I fly back to the States on Sep 6th but would love to meet up with you guys if you are here! Praying that God has and continues to bless you abundantly in finances and prayer warriors as you transition your lives to Cambodia! 🙂

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