Prayer Requests & Support

Well, we did it! We moved to Phnom Penh on August 29th. We are so excited to move another step forward in the journey we believe the Lord has called us to take. We ask that you consider checking back often for our updated prayer requests and support needs. We believe that the covering of prayer is, and will be, extremely important during our time in Cambodia; for that reason, we will be providing specific prayer requests that we ask you add to your prayer time.

Prayer Requests

1) Learning Khmer! We are loving our language school, but Khmer is definitely a challenging language to learn. It can be overwhelming and frustrating at times, but we know we need to learn Khmer in order to build relationships in Cambodia. We are excited to continue diligently working towards being more conversational!

2) The ministries we are serving. Pray that we will have wisdom where to invest our time and with whom to build solid relationships.

3) Discipleship. There are several Cambodian friends that the Lord has repeatedly led us to the past few years; our desire is for them to know Jesus’ abundant love.

4) Finances. We wholeheartedly believe we were to be debt free before returning to full-time missions overseas. We are raising support via one-time or monthly donations. You may donate to us directly through Paypal or through G42 Leadership Academy for a tax deduction. God has always met our needs, even providing in abundance, so we are confident in His provision during this step of faith.

5) Subleasing our apartment. We will be out of Phnom Penh for a few months in the spring while we oversee a ministry in Poipet; we absolutely love our home and are hoping & praying someone will be available to sublease it for a few months.

6) Stateside visit. We are hoping to visit in the spring to spend time with family, friends, and to fundraise for 2016.

7) Ministry retreat. In January, our ministry partners will be participating in a retreat for a few days. We are praying that this time will be one of rest and both physical & spiritual renewal. Self-care is important in life in general, but it is extremely important on the mission field; things like retreats for rest and reflection are crucial for self-evaluation and reflection.

We are planning our budget for 2016! We would love for you to consider an end of the year gift to help support our ministry with a financial blessing at the end of 2015. 

2016 one-time financial needs: yearly visas, flights, yearly insurance, Gateway 2 Khmer Language School (15 weeks)

total costs: $10,640

2016 monthly needs: rent, utilities, transportation, food, Siem Reap ministry, personal care, household 

total costs: $18,800

We currently have several monthly supporters whom we hope will continue their support throughout 2016! To help with our fundraising, we have set up a simple way to decide how to make a one-time donation. Choose any number from the number board (1-200) and donate that amount. We will keep the board updated and mark out amounts as they are given. As always, we are truly thankful for any amount you are able to donate and are blessed beyond belief by the amount of prayers and support we consistently receive.


Click the G42 link below to donate a one-time gift or monthly recurring donation

(tax-deductible option)

(Paypal directly to us)

Donate Button with Credit Cards


One thought on “Prayer Requests & Support

  1. I was reading your blog tonight and could relate with so much of what you described as I lived abroad in India for a year. The transition to a new country can be difficult and often it seems this new way of life doesn’t make any sense but eventually and within time you will learn to adapt. And it sounds you have already seen so much progress that’s so cool about the landlord feeling so welcome in your home!!!

    I am teaching 1st, 2nd and 3rd GA’s this year and this month we are talking about Cambodia and individuals serving there. I think it will be so cool to tell the GA’s about your work and especially since many of them know you it will make an even more profound impact. I was wondering if we would maybe be able to skype you and have the girls ask some questions and for you to share some about your experiences some Wednesday night? Email me at: and let’s see if you think this could work.

    – Amber (I don’t think I actually ever met you before you left but I’m Chris’ wife)

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